Private Sale of HouseChances are that if you are looking at the private sale of your house, you don’t want to pay (or can’t afford) the real estate agents commission, you think you can get a higher sale price yourself or there is something else you don’t like about going through an agent.

Maybe you have seen that it all takes too long. Or perhaps you have tried selling with an agent already and it has not worked for you.

For some people, the private sale of your house may sound like a good option. But you should go into it with your eyes open knowing the skill and time you need to do it successfully.

What Are The Skills Needed For The
Private Sale Of Your House?

There are three main areas that you need to have covered off for the private sale of your house – price, marketing/ presentation, and negotiation.

Price – Many sellers have made the mistake of puling a figure out of the air that they are looking to get for their house, and then hoping that if they list it on the internet that the buyers will come.

This will rarely occur – unless you have made a mistake and priced your house too low, and then the buyers will swoop.

So it’s key that you price your house appropriately; otherwise, it will take a long time to sell. Getting an independent market appraisal will help with this.

Private sale of your housePresentation/ Marketing – When presenting your house for sale, you need to make sure that it stands out from the crowd and plays to the emotions of potential buyers.

Good quality photos need to capture this because your house needs to stand out from others that are being sold. This includes those being sold through a real estate agent where their marketing reach is much greater.

Negotiation – Many people involved in the private sale of their house fail to negotiate with potential sellers. They may turn down an offer because they have a figure in their head that they want to sell for so stick to their guns on this.

There are many private sellers that end up wishing that they accepted an early offer after their house has sat around not selling. Having an idea of the market value will help, but you still need to be prepared to negotiate.

What Really Are You Looking To Achieve Through 
The Private Sale of Your House?

If you looking at the private sale of your house, it’s worth thinking about your reason for selling privately.

If your reasons are no commission, you have to sell quickly, you want greater control, or think you will have a better chance of getting what you are looking for, you can achieve these things without needing to do the work normally involved with a private sale.

How is this possible?

  You can sell your house directly to a private property investor.

There are a small numbers of private property investors who specialise in working directly with you as the homeowner to understand your needs and what it is that you are looking to get from your sale.

They can then make an offer to you directly which you always have the choice of accepting, negotiating further or refusing.

This process can see that you sell your house without any of the hassles or cost of advertising or the need for constant inspections.

And the best thing for most sellers is that private investors can move quickly to buy.

So when you need you sell, if you go directly to a property investor rather than run your own marketing campaign with the private sale of your house, this could give you the best results without needing to spend all the time on selling.


Choosing a Property Investor
to Work With

Property investors who work direct with sellers are specialists in the area.

Make sure you choose someone who is experienced and has a high level of integrity.

They should be able to let you know reasonably quickly whether they are interested in buying your house. And there should be a win-win to the buyer and seller.

So if you think you want all the benefits that you can get through the private sale of your house like no commissions but with the added ability to sell quickly, contact an experienced property investor to see how they can help you.

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  • This makes for a really interesting read. I’ve been in my current house almost 2 years now and I bought privately from a family friend. We were in a lucky situation that I was a first time buyer looking for something affordable in the area, and they were looking to sell while avoiding the costs and time involved in going through a real estate agency.

    I can see why people would be so put off by going through property investors and anything outside of the ‘safety’ of an estate agent, but it really can be done. I know my situation was a little different, both parties knew each other, but I’m confident with the right effort put in, I can have just as smooth a sale when I eventually sell this on in a few years time. Just do your research!

    Kim xx

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